Landing on the surface of architecture is no easy thing to do these days.
We are preparing to do so since we were kids, and as kids, we want to continue to imagine how our profession will look in the future.

If space is the place, well we love to travel through it, exploring our world, digging into outer worlds and finding new and unexpected ways to do architecture. We design projects that react to our changing environment, that look into the future and try to make innovation count. We are on a mission to discover what has never been discovered.

We are Space Travellers.

Space Travellers is a creative think-tank for architecture, urbanism, and design. Founded

After winning Europan 15 with a project proposal for the Norwegian village of Rødberg by Andrea Bulloni and Matteo Arietti.

Focusing on the impending future challenges, Space Travellers stands for cutting edge proposals with an innovative touch and a taste for strong social implications. 

Since their beginnings in late 2019, Matteo and Andrea took part in several international competitions and have been invited to present their work in a number of different educational institutions and events such as ETH Zurich and EPFL Lausanne, Strelka Institute and Future Architecture. In 2021 they have been nominated for both Young Italian Architects 2021 and the NIB Top 10 Architecture Under 36 and their presented a capsule collection of Jackets during the Milano Fashion Week.

With an ever-evolving network of different contacts and collaborator, Space Travellers aims to become a multifaceted entity with a great attention for diversification. Their work has been featured by few international architectural magazines and platforms such as DesignBoom, Arketipo and Afasia, see below few links:

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